What is HHLA2

Creative Biolabs provides our customers with knowledge sharing related to immune checkpoint molecule HHLA2 to explore the complexities and unveil the role of HHLA2.

Introduction to HHLA2

The human immune system, a labyrinthine network of interdependent cells, tissues, and organs, constitutes a multifarious defense mechanism against hostile pathogens and vicious cancerous cells. As an integral part of the intricate immune system, immune checkpoints, including HHLA2, act as pivotal regulators of the immune response by overseeing the activity of T cells. Recently, HHLA2, also known as B7-H7, has surfaced as a newly discovered immune checkpoint that modulates T cell activation and immune tolerance in a plethora of ways. Its impact on the immune response has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, drawing attention from researchers and medical professionals alike.

HHLA2 immunoregulatory roles in tumor microenvironment (TME).Fig. 1 HHLA2 immunoregulatory roles in tumor microenvironment (TME). (Mortezaee K, 2023)

Ligands that Interact with HHLA2

The enigmatic HHLA2, a member of the ever-expanding B7 family of immune checkpoints, is known to be involved in the modulation of T cell activation and immune tolerance, exerting a pivotal role in immune regulation. HHLA2 is capable of binding to multiple ligands, including:

  • TMIGD2
  • CD28H
  • CD96

Recent studies have elucidated HHLA2's enigmatic role in stimulating CD8+ T cells, providing a possible avenue for future research into the enigmatic complexity of T cell activation and proliferation.

Application of HHLA2

The HHLA2 immune checkpoint has sparked interest in the medical field due to its potential clinical applications in cancer treatment. Scientists have explored its efficacy in different types of cancer, such as melanoma, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer.

  • Initial studies indicate that using monoclonal antibodies to block HHLA2 can increase the antitumor activity of T cells and improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy.
  • Not only that, but HHLA2 has also been discovered to be a promising biomarker for predicting the response to anti-PD-1 therapy, which is a breakthrough in the field of personalized medicine.

Research Services We Offer

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HHLA2 is a newly identified immune checkpoint that plays a critical role in regulating the immune response. Creative Biolabs provides a range of research services to support the study of HHLA2 and other immune checkpoints, with the goal of advancing our understanding of the immune system and developing effective immunotherapies for cancer treatment.


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