In Vivo Model Development for Immune Checkpoint Drugs

During the drug discovery process, in vivo testing is critical for assessing drug efficacy. Equipped with advanced platforms and extensive experience, Creative Biolabs is always dedicated to assisting our clients with the most satisfactory in vivo model development services for immune checkpoint drug discovery.

introduction to In vivo Model

In vivo testing focuses on the pharmacokinetics of the drugs in the living organism, especially drug safety, metabolism, and efficacy. Compared with in vitro testing, in vivo testing is more time-consuming and more demanding. In general, in vivo testing is followed by in vitro testing to test whether the compound can achieve the expected purpose and the potential risks that it may bring. As the key component of drug discovery, it is the only way to fully evaluate the pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and safety of the potential drug candidate.

In recent years, animal models have been served as the most common test subjects for preclinical pharmaceutical and biomedical research. There are a variety of animal models for drug discovery, which include but not limited to mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and non-human primates. The animal models can simulate the human system well to predict the efficacy of drugs on the human body, including the success or failure of the drug in vivo. In addition, the in vivo testing also provides relevant information on the drug's mechanism of action research.

The approximate timeline for drug discovery and development with an FDA-approved product. Fig.1 The approximate timeline for drug discovery and development with an FDA-approved product. (Brake, 2017)

In Vivo Model Development for Immune Checkpoint Drugs

Creative Biolabs provides a series of in vivo models to evaluate the effects of drug candidates across different therapeutic areas. We can also develop custom in vivo models to meet the specific needs of your drug discovery projects. Our preclinical oncology service portfolio is supplemented by options to immune-deficient animal model and in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) study.

Features of Our Services

  • High-quality and reproducible data for your project
  • Extensive experience and advanced biotechnologies
  • Fully customizable experimental design to expand beyond standard procedure
  • Competitive price with the best quality

Creative Biolabs offers a full suite of services to help our global clients accelerate their preclinical drug discovery and development. Our team of experts can assist you in designing the best study outline customized to meet the requirements of your drug discovery/development program and ensure the best achievement for every single step. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


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