Custom Immune Checkpoint Antibody Fragment Discovery and Development

Recently, recombinant antibody fragment targeting immune checkpoint has become a star in immune checkpoint therapy because of its high specificity, sensitivity, stability and can be easily optimized by genetic and chemical modification. With years of experience focusing on antibody development, Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience from practice and numerous challenging antibody development projects. With a comprehensive technology platform and excellent experts, we are confident in offering high-quality custom immune checkpoint antibody fragment discovery and development services for global clients.


Nowadays, we are entering a golden age of immune checkpoint researches, experiencing the evolvement of research methods, and witnessing the successful translation of primary findings into clinical therapies. Studying the regulation of immune checkpoints represents a manner of killing two birds with one stone. It will help lower the adverse effects and increase the therapeutic benefits of immune checkpoint therapies. The antibody has become one of the most critical immune checkpoint research tools, and antibody fragment for application in immune checkpoints has got much more attention recently.

Immune Checkpoint Antibody Fragment Development Platforms at Creative Biolabs

There are various recombinant antibody formats, e.g., single-chain variable fragment (scFv), fragment antigen-binding (Fab) region, single-chain antibody fragment (scAb), bivalent scFv (sc (Fv)2), bivalent Fab region (F(ab')2) and scFv and Fab fusion (Fab-scFv). Among them, scFv is the most popular recombinant antibody format due to its small size, short generation time, capacity to be expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli), and high antigen affinity and relative structural stability. All these recombinant antibody formats are available at Creative Biolabs and can be generated through our different advanced platforms to meet your project's specific demands.

Custom Immune Checkpoint Antibody Fragment Discovery and Development

  • Animal Immunization Platform
  • For the generation of antibody fragment library, animals only participate in the initial process. Once the DNA is completed, the recombinant antibody DNA will be transformed into, for example, bacteria, mammalian cell lines, and yeasts for large-scale expression. Rodents, rabbits, and chickens are among the most common host animals used for antibody fragment library generation.

Illustration of scFv library generation. Fig.2 Illustration of scFv library generation. (Ma, 2017)

  • Phage Display
  • Phage display is the traditional and the most common recombinant antibody fragment selection strategy. In the phage display strategy, the recombinant antibody fragment gene is first inserted into phage coat protein genes, which is then expressed as an antibody-coat fusion protein after infecting Gram-negative bacteria and displayed on the surface of the phage. The phage-expressed antibodies are then screened via several rounds of panning for target antigen-specific antibody fragments.

Illustration of a typical panning cycle. Fig.3 Illustration of a typical panning cycle. (Ma, 2017)

  • Microbial Production Platform
  • scFv and Fab became the most popular forms of antibodies. These fragments can be modified into various antibody forms and are easily produced in Escherichia coli and yeast expression platforms. These antibody fragments can be expressed in different compartments of bacterium E. coli, i.e., intracellular in the form of inclusion bodies (IBs), periplasmic space as soluble and/or active protein, and extracellular as a secretory protein with various secretory signals.

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With rich experience and strong foundations, Creative Biolabs has accomplished hundreds of customer-satisfied antibody fragment development projects. Our experts specialized in antibody development will help with every loop of your project and give optimal schemes to achieve the best outcome. With powerful context in antibody development, Creative Biolabs provides not only antibody development services but also other relevant services, including but not limited to:

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